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Gender Identity - Overcoming the Obvious

This extensive survey has the focus on forming a structured understanding of the growth of specific gender identification terms and definitions.

The survey is managed on behalf of a globally-active support organisation promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in organisations with more than 1'000 permanent employees.

Despite growing awareness of the discrimination, violence and health disparities experienced by transgender people, most researchers in psychology assess gender identity using a binary categorical measure: ‘male’ and ‘female’. This standard generates imprecise gender identity data, which has significant implications for the social inclusion and well-being of the transgender community. Here, I argue that inclusive gender identity measures should be implemented across all fields of psychology, assess options for collecting gender identity data and offer specific advice for psychological researchers interested in the science of gender identity measurement.
Gloria Fraser (2018) Evaluating inclusive gender identity measures for use in quantitative psychological research, Psychology & Sexuality, 9:4, 343-357, DOI: 10.1080/19419899.2018.1497693

Overcoming the Obvious

Knowing one is different from most others, is one thing. Coming to terms with that realisation sometimes is not so easy. Even worse is when an individual tries to fit in, find his or her place in an unaccepting world, only to experience intolerance, incomprehension, rejection, discrimination or still worse, the complete isolation by family and friends.

To better understand the obvious hurdles, the personal sacrifices, and evaluate the sometimes very private experiences, abuse, harassment, or even persecution, this survey has been designed differently. Instead of just asking yes/no questions, participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinion and experiences to a wider audience, an audience interested and eager to learn more - with the purpose of providing a basis for organisations, facing many challenges, and not always aware of the deeper implications of a chosen gender identity.

Break the Silence

If you have ever been confronted with gender identity in your own personal life, please participate in our global survey. Your truthful input will help many others!

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